"Enough with the confusion and deceit surrounding SEO services. Treatment centers deserve a clear, honest and affordable SEO solution that delivers results." 

-Jason W., Founder and SEO Expert

Welcome, You Have Just Found the Industry Leading Drug Rehab SEO Expert


My name is Jason.

I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of hearing the horror stories from clients getting scammed by fly-by-night SEO companies.

You know exactly what I'm talking about too, you get 10 SPAM emails a week trying to sell you on drug rehab SEO services.

The goal of these companies is simple:
To hook you with bold promises and extract as much money as they possibly can from you while making a minimal effort to help your drug rehab center succeed in Google search results (if you're lucky that is, some engage in tactics that can dramatically DAMAGE your site in the long term).

It's both disgusting and disheartening as these companies prey on company after company across all industries and truly give SEO, my passion and profession, a bad name.

My goal in creating this site is simply to educate NOT to sell.

If after reading through this, you think we can achieve something great by combining forces, awesome, if not, feel free to reach out with any questions and I'd be happy to at least point you in the right direction.

Why SEO is Important for Your Drug Rehab Business

Search engine optimization is the art of getting websites to show up on the first page of Google for terms their potential clients are searching.

Seems straight-forward enough right?

Yes, until you consider there are many tens to hundreds of treatment centers and competing websites vying for that same valuable first page real estate in your local market.

The competition here is fierce and many treatment centers don't even bother to make a serious effort at joining that fight.

This is a big mistake and here's why…

The Story of PPC Addiction

Search engine optimization is the art of getting websites to show up on the first page of Google for terms their potential clients are searching.

Seems straight-forward enough right?

Yes, until you consider there are many tens to hundreds of treatment centers and competing websites vying for that same valuable first page real estate in your local market.

The competition here is fierce and many treatment centers don't even bother to make a serious effort at joining that fight.

This is a big mistake and here's why…

Treating PPC Addiction With SEO

Getting out of the endless, stressful PPC cycle is not easy but it is always possible.

It starts with scaling back to just the most targeted, successful components of the PPC campaign and directing that saved money into SEO.

Here we have a much different story than the PPC focused treatment center, in fact, it is quite opposite.

SEO is always a long term investment toward building a successful and sustainable business.

This means that while the SEO guy is hard at work optimizing the domain, website and content, it appears to the treatment center like nothing is happening.

After a few months they can see they went from only ranking for a few keywords to showing up for a wide range of targeted keywords but they are skeptical, where are the concrete results and admits?

The SEO guy promises they need to be patient as Google works at its own pace and they must inch up the results week by week and month by month.

By month six the site is beginning to show up on the first page for some keywords and the leads start trickling in. The same leads that might cost them $50/click if they were to pay for them.

The results are promising but the treatment center is still not convinced, thinking the leads could just be a fluke.

By the one year mark though they are convinced.

There is a clear and steady stream of emails and calls coming in directly from organic traffic and replacing the clicks coming from organic rankings would actually cost MORE than the expense of the SEO guy.

From here organic traffic continues to grow little by little creating a solid and comfortable lead generation foundation.

Over time the Cost Per Admit declines to the point where organic leads are a small fraction of what it'd cost to pay for them and this allows the treatment center to expand and grow with confidence.

The Importance of SEO Cannot Be Overstated

Being dependent on PPC is like playing with fire… eventually you will get burned.

By devoting resources to SEO you lay the foundation for a successful business that can survive long term.

Within a year SEO investment can pay begin completely paying for itself.

Beyond that lead generation costs shrink more and more and as your business entrenches itself, it becomes harder and harder for your competitors, especially new competitors, to go up against you.

You get peace of mind and can focus on what to do with your profits while your competitors chug away on the endless PPC treadmill barely able to keep up.

How Drug Rehab SEO Works in 2017

The process of optimizing a treatment center website is not too dissimilar from any other local business.

The main difference is the competition is much more fierce than for Sam's pizza join down the street.

In the drug rehab industry, nailing your SEO strategy is exceedingly important for seeing results.

This is why hiring your run of the mill marketing agency simply does not cut it.

You need a professional who has deep experience in this field to really make a substantial impact and drive leads.

Pair that experience with bleeding-edge SEO strategy based on what actually works in 2017 and you have the perfect recipe for achieving success.

Step 1: Domain Optimization

Often times drug rehab websites don't even have the most basic elements in place to ensure they are clearly signaling to Google that they are a professional and legitimate business.

The first step is ensuring your domain is telling Google exactly what it needs to to get maximum legitimacy credit from them.

Step 2: Website Optimization

Once the domain is setup properly, it's time to turn to the website.

Most drug rehab sites don't specifically target any keywords at all and the ones that do typically only target a few keywords.

In reality there are around 30 major keywords potential clients search in significant volume that every rehab should be directly targeting.

These keywords can be targeted through an organized site structure and 10-20 pages of optimized content, which will allow the rehab to rank for and reach all potential clients.

This is where the bulk of the up font work happens and where your treatment center will be most dramatically set apart from your competitors.

Step 3: Ongoing Enhancements

After the domain and website are properly optimized the real work begins.

Data is collected on all keywords the site is getting traffic for and optimization tactics are implemented based on the highest value opportunities available.

From further on-site enhancements to off-site authority building, every possible white hat tactic is used to ensure continued growth in rankings, traffic and targeted leads.

Here is where the work is done to push the website to the top of the rankings for specific keywords and is a process that by its nature must gradually progress over time.

The Ultimate SEO Secret

The biggest misconception about SEO services, and a topic I have to repeatedly address, are based around the infamous algorithm updates.

Every single client I've ever worked with is exceptionally worried about Google taking out their site.

Some site owners actually should be concerned, if you're working with budget Indian "SEO" companies, then yes, you have every right to be supremely concerned about Google's updates.

The reality however for many site owners is they've never done anything wrong and as long you do nothing to artificially boost your website, then you have nothing to worry.

My tactics are 100% white hat and in line with mainstream industry practices and in no way put the long term viability of your site at risk.

So instead of worrying about the ongoing stream of algorithm updates, I'm squarely focused on understanding what Google wants.

And what Google wants is simple.

To direct their search users to websites that can effectively address the searcher's question.

So I ensure your website addresses your visitors' needs, which by extension makes Google happy and want to rank your site higher and for more keywords and has the side benefit of increasing lead conversion rate as well.

This is exactly how you rank your site high in Google and gets tons of free traffic to your treatment center in 2017.

The Cost of SEO Explained

When it comes to SEO services and the related cost, there are typically three different levels.

Each one of these levels can look appealing for different reasons but the value offered is always non existent at worst and mediocre at best.

1. The Shady Overseas Company

These companies can be picked out from a mile away.

Their marketing emails are filled with bad grammar, broken English and spelling mistakes and typically they are promising to rank you at number 1 for whatever keyword that is relevant to your niche.

These services cost anywhere from $200/month to $1000/month.

To them you are just a number to plug into their big black hat SEO machine. This means that immediately upon getting payment they will get to work doing whatever shady tactic they can to get your site rankings to improve.

And in the short term it can work. You start seeing results and think you're getting a fantastic deal, maybe they convince you to upgrade to a bigger, better package and you can't believe it is as simple as that.

Then one day your traffic crashes, completely drying up your nice stream of organic leads and come to find out that your site may never recover let alone compete seriously in the search results again.

You quickly realize your site is missing from results all because of what they were doing and begin regretting the day you decided to try to save a few bucks on SEO.

2. The 'Every Industry' Company

These companies can be identified from their perfectly templated emails that mention your general industry and proceed to vaguely describe what they can do for you.

Usually the email comes from some Account Manager or Customer Representative named Brad or Mary.

These services usually fall in the $2000/month to $5000/month range.

They have a completely systemized cookie-cutter SEO approach that they apply to all their clients no matter what industry they come from.

Because doing anything custom and specialized for any one particular client would cost them too much time and resources.

They simply have to hope you get results so that you'll keep paying them and if you're unsatisfied they'll do everything they can to make excuses and keep you on board.

Ultimately the results generated, if any, from their generalized approach will be subpar for the large fee they are trying to command and you'll end up dissatisfied.

3. The Overpriced Agency Contract

These companies can be identified from their direct sales approach, where instead of using email, you'll end up connecting with their Business Development guy through LinkedIn or some conference.

Usually they engage in some schmoozing and after a few calls and meetings you decide to move forward with them.

These services usually fall in the $5000/month to $15,000/month range.

To be fair, these specialized agencies are offering a wide range of services besides just SEO and typically include design, development, PPC Management and social media but SEO is typically the main value add they bring to the table.

Every other aspect of their service can either be done for one-time at a fraction of the cost of what they value the services at or can be done equally as well much cheaper with a specialized service

The point is that while these companies do know the industry, they are exceedingly expensive contracts that are hard to get maximum value out of.

It's simply much more cost-effective to hire specially for the core value add service, SEO, and then add on additional services ONLY as needed and ONLY to the extent you know it can further improve SEO or improve lead conversions.

Essentially you can get similar results for a small fraction of the cost of these all-in-one contracts so why not save the money?

Choose an Affordable Drug Rehab SEO Expert Instead

If you've tried and failed with any or all of these types of SEO providers, It's time to go with a drug rehab SEO expert who has experience generating concrete results for over 30 rehab industry clients.

Get to Know Your New SEO Partner

In 2008 I was a broke college student.

My summers and after school hours were spent working in the soul-crushing food service industry to ensure I could continue to afford college.

One night while searching the internet for a way to escape my existence as a professional verbal abuse taker, I stumbled upon some fantastic SEO resources and I was hooked.

Within a year I had built multiple websites, quit my serving job and began making some decent money all through the power of SEO.

Once through college I broadened my horizons professionally to include marketing management but SEO was always my core value driver in these positions.

Eventually I decided SEO is where I wanted to focus my efforts 100% and in 2013 I became an SEO Manager for a burgeoning Digital Marketing Agency in California.

Little did I know I was about to dive head first into the ultra competitive drug rehab industry.

After two years there helping many drug rehab centers dominate their competition, I ventured out on my own and began consulting directly.

That brings me to today where I've spent an additional two years honing my drug rehab SEO craft helping many clients get clicks far cheaper than in their paid campaigns.

If you're keeping track, that means I have almost a decade of SEO experience and have been doing SEO professionally for the drug rehab industry for 4 years.

In this time I've worked with over 30 drug rehab companies around the world and have grown ranking and revenue across an exhaustive list of scenario's…
…from California rehabs in hyper competitive markets to Thailand clients seeking to build their presence on the world stage…
…from drug rehab providers just launching their facilities to well established brands looking to scale…
…from small sober living and drug detox centers all the way up to massive drug rehab content sites.

I've pretty much seen and done it all in this industry and it is this in depth, battle-tested experience I want to bring to you and your drug rehab center.

Google search results are only getting more competitive and Google Adwords is only getting more expensive.

Take a minute and think about all that money you're pouring into $50 clicks from Google and envision what it would look like if instead you received hundreds of clicks automatically without spending a dime on paid advertising.

This can't be done overnight of course but it is absolutely realistic and possible for any rehab center with the right SEO and organic marketing strategy.

Getting in the organic rankings and beating out your competition on the search results can dramatically lower Adwords expenses and/or help you earn more clients than possible with ad spend alone.

Let's chat and see how we might be able to make this a reality for your rehab center.

Let me help you increase organic leads and reduce your Cost Per Admit!

Shoot me a quick message below and I'll get back to you ASAP

Email me directly: jason@drugrehabseo.com

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